It would be my honour to serve

I am following my heart and passion of being an End of Life Doula to be present for families.  Whether your loved one is in a private home, assisted living, or hospital setting I will provide you and them with compassionate and nonjudgmental care and companionship.

The support and care that I can offer includes:

  • Companionship to your loved one, enabling you to have peace of mind that they are not alone.
  • Assisting families during the "end of life" transition by being present for them during the dying process. I will be there to hold their hand and companion them, talk with them, play music, or just listen as they let their dying journey unfold as it is meant to be. And when the time comes, sitting vigil with families and their loved one if I am welcomed.

I connect with and bring careful attention to the inner well-being of loved ones, family, friends at this delicate, emotional time.

I will walk down this path and help you and your family gently through and beyond this experience of death, by being your advocate and your shoulder to lean on.

Doula services

$40/hr or 

$200/day, based on a 6 hour day

Longer period of service, fees can be discussed

Other services


If you are a caregiver of a loved one suffering from alzheimers or dementia, I understand that you need time for yourself.  I can support you by being a companion to your loved one while you take that time to look after yourself.


$40/hr with a minimum 2 hours

$200/day, based on a 6 hour day

Longer period of service, fees can be discussed

Document Organization

When you are supporting a loved one, or are yourself the person who is experiencing palliative care, we can help you sort through your paperwork making sure bills are getting paid.  We can help you get your documents in order for your present situation. 


$35/hr with a minimum 2 hours

I offer  30 minutes of free consultation, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  Shelley

A note to my clients and their families,

"I will hold your hand, while being a respectful, compassionate companion as you make empowered decisions for the best experience possible"

Through my own life's experiences, education, training and volunteer work, I feel completely comfortable working with families and their loved ones at this stage in their life. I offer a voice for the dying and help normalize conversations around the dying experience.   

If you know of someone who is alone, please call me as I believe in my heart no one should die alone.

No one dies alone