Article on the struggles caregivers have during end of life care for their loved ones

Beautiful read about the dying process

This video by Dr. Kathryn Mannix explores a more positive outlook on this transitional time that we will all be passing through 

I hope it brings you to a place of contemplation and allows you to perhaps see the stage of life you are experiencing in a different light.  

The Current for June 6, 2019 - Anna Maria Tremonti and David Maginley - what an amazing listen

We will all face moments sitting next to dying people

Coping with grief - the ball in the box

“It’s a reality that the better support an individual receives, the better their quality of life – right to the end. And for those left behind, there’s an opportunity to journey through grief and bereavement in a healthy way.”
– Monica Robson, Pilgrims Hospice Executive Director

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